If a hairdryer – a brush is necessary for creating intricate hairstyles and hairstyling, then the set must include tongs and a flat comb. The best brushes at the device are with natural bristles, which can give hair a healthy and well-groomed look. Read hot brush reviews by our friends?

When buying, it is important to check whether the nozzles are tightly fixed to the base of the brush, how many blowing modes it has. If you need to fix your hairstyle for a long time, then the device must have a built-in cold air blower.

REFERENCE! For modeling the hairstyle, it is important that there is a supply of warm and hot air. The best cord is a twisted, coiled cord to avoid twisting. If you intend to take it with you, it is better to give preference to a wireless device.

Tips for girls who buy a hairdryer for the first time – a brush for styling, curling hair.

How to choose and use the device:

  • Before using the styler, it is advisable to apply mousse, gel to the hair along the entire length.
  • Dry small strands to add volume, starting from the ends. If you want to even out wavy curls, it is better to start drying from the hair roots.
  • When choosing a brush, it is important to consider its diameter, which should correspond to the length of the hair. The longer they are, the larger the diameter should be.
  • Newbie girls, when handling a device for making a hairstyle, must first turn on hot air when drying, and fix the result with a cold air stream.
  • For novice users, it is first reasonable to purchase a conventional device with sufficient functionality and a set of accessories for use at home.
  • It is not recommended to over dry large sections of hair, including the device at a high speed of rotation of the brush. If the curls are thick, then the second rotation speed is suitable, if thin – the first.
  • In order for the hairdryer to serve for many years, it is important to properly operate, take care of it periodically, remove dust and hair. Store in a special container to avoid kinking the cord.
  • If you intend to constantly use the device, then the best option is a professional one, although it costs a little more. But it includes a complete set, will serve faithfully for many years.
  • Even in the store, when buying, it is recommended to evaluate the design, size, weight, ergonomics of the device. Take it in your hands and twist it, imitating movements when laying, drying. The hair dryer should be comfortable to use. It is good if it is equipped with a control button, a light handle.
  • Ideal for home use – the model with a coiled cord to avoid twists during installation. Although it is more convenient to use the wireless model for travel.
  • Long-term fixation of the hairstyle is achieved by blowing cold air. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the presence of air supply modes of different temperatures. Ideally, there should be 3 of them: with hot, warm, cold air, especially if you intend to dry your hair, model your hairstyle, and fix the result.

The hairdryer is a smart styling tool, an assistant for girls and women when creating beautiful strands with waves, spirals, curls of any length, and just 10 minutes before going out to people. Today manufacturers offer a variety of models, so it’s easy to make a choice from the provided TOP 10 list by evaluating which model is better. Professional brushes are equipped with overheating protection, a wide range of heating modes, and rotating hairdryer nozzles that simplify and speed up the curling process. Also on sale are compact wireless versions with a cord rotation system at the base of the handle.