Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

The beauty of silver eye makeup is simply eternal and this was confirmed by the fashion magazines around the world. No matter what color you have and what complexion the color of your hair, silver on the eyelids will not be a mistake. If you align a silver glow on the eyes even with some silver addition, the effect will be complete. And if you thought the cold silver, the gold hot pepper. Game of the two colors can produce a truly seductive effect. Next season not to mention the silver paint, and that you really.

In this Keep in mind a few rules:

  1. If you have blue or green eyes, choose ice-cold, bright shades of silver. When brown and dark hair, good calling intensive, deep tones of silver.
  2. Special impression you made, if such a make-up combine with white clothing, a dramatic appearance was the best combination in black.
  3. Be careful in the choice of golden hue, which you intend to use. Bronze shades best calling those with blue or green eyes, stressing the gold dots in the iris size. If you are Mediterranean type of woman and you have brown eyes, you better match the copper tones, ideal for achieving an exotic appearance.
  4. Except in the eyes, the gold applies to other parts of the body. Red with a golden gloss applied to the forehead, eyelids and cheeks, as this few strategic points on the face, apply but can also be found on the shoulders and décolleté for evening out.
  5. Make a morning pick-up running loose in the color amber. If the skin is drained from the summer sun, mix the liquid powder with a few drops of hydrating fluids, but if you have oily skin, you should mix with a little gel and apply to your face. Apply mixture to your face, and then overlap corrector bright circles that remained of sunglasses. Instead of red, cheeks Apply a little terracotta which will work very well cared for and completes a working day in office.

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