Shiny Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Have you ever wondered how to create a shine on your eyelashes and eyebrows? We offer you a simple solution; prepare you sage conditioner and you rub it along the eyebrows and eyelashes. Your eyelashes and eyebrows will shine in a completely new light.

With regular use sage balsam, you will not miss mascara for the eyes.

Sage, this wonderful aromatic herb is useful in terms of its relief and drainage of power in deodorants, products for the face and shampoo. As a guide for your hair naturally darker hair gives them a glossy shine, and it is also effective against dandruff. If you leave the running water in your tub runs through a bag with sage, will effectively eliminate fatigue. Sage can also brighten your smile, it is an important element in preparation for cleaning teeth but that is another story.

If the sage grown in your garden, you have no problem, since it is satisfied also in the pot as the soil, but you have to plant to replace every few years if it grows too. Sage should be in each garden for beauty.

Sage conditioner, eyelash

This oil can be rubbed along the eyebrow to create a shine. Due to the effect of sage can be the eyebrows and eyelashes darkened a bit, so you may find that you do not need as much mascara or eyebrow pencil for after a while you will use.

Ingredients for the balsam:

  • 25 g leaves fresh sage, or 10 g of dried sage
  • 75 ml of water
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Give sage and water in saucepan, boil, then cook over low heat 10 minutes. Cool and drain through a cloth or kitchen paper. Put 1 tablespoon of the infusion bottle with a narrow neck. Add olive oil and shake the bottle. (You have to shake the bottle before each use to mix oil and water elements.) Apply a mixture of conditioner on eyelashes every night with a clean stick of mascara.