Modern kitchen items

How quickly times change! Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without an electric orange juicers.

How quickly times change! Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without an electric orange juicers.

It used to be that a two-chamber refrigerator, microwave and crystal in the kitchen was a sign of perfection and prosperity. In today’s modern kitchen, functionality and design features play the main role, and the number of appliances does not matter. Colors and interior elements the hostess chooses depending on individual preferences, but the choice of kitchen utensils is quite complex. One wants to buy quality, beautiful and practical tableware at the same time. Let’s look at how to do it.

Aluminum pots in the kitchen are no longer fashionable and almost not used, in demand is the cookware consisting of several materials. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, ceramic and cast iron pots promote even bottom heating and heat retention. Multi-layered pots allow you to save energy and keep food fresh for a long time. Positive qualities of such utensils are obvious: it is environmentally friendly, requires no special maintenance, resistant to odors and staining. It is this kind of cookware is best suited for regular use. Resistant to mechanical damage, multi-layer bottom with non-stick glass ceramic coating – these are the main criteria for modern multipurpose pans. In addition, it is suitable for all gas and electric stoves and easy to clean. The price of such a frying pan, respectively, is quite high, but it is worth it. Silicone baking pans have replaced the old metal ones. Now housewives can enjoy cooking, because silicone forms are non-stick, easy to use, durable and take up little space in the kitchen.

Accessories must match the design of the kitchen. Products of chrome and stainless steel will be ideal for the kitchen in the high-tech style, especially if you managed to buy a refrigerator in a modern style); clay and ceramic dishes will look appropriate in the kitchen of traditional design. All kinds of shelves and racks for glasses and service can become the compositional center of the kitchen and add glitter, or, conversely, create a negative impression: the main thing that all elements look harmonious and complement each other. Do not forget about the small but necessary kitchen utensils: bread bin, napkin holder, kitchen towels, fruit dish, coasters and oven mitts.

Remember, every item in the kitchen should make sense and create a mood.