Five Most Important Organic Skincare Products to Switch First

Switching all your skin care and body products to organic skin care can be a long process. Read our guide for updating your beauty kit and get the five top beauty products you should update first.

Loose the Lipstick – you are eating it every day so there is no better place to start your update. Think about how much mineral oil and synthetic colors there is in each tube, how long it lasts you and how much you have eaten over your lifetime. Switch to organic lipstick from brands such as Inika Cosmetics, Nvey Eco or rms beauty.

Switch Scents – most people use perfume once a day, others much more often. Switching to an organic perfume from a brand such as Strange Invisible Perfumes, Jo Wood, Tsi La or Tallulah Jayne is a great way to avoid spraying fixatives and synthetic fragrance on yourself every day. Organic perfumes use a mixture of essential oils to create base notes that last and should be made from organic alcohol as a base.

Get sunshade – switch your synthetic sunscreen for a natural one. Using titanium dioxide and zinc oxide the natural sunscreens reflect rays away from the skin rather than creating a reaction on the skin to protect it. Minerals form a barrier to protect. The trick is in the application – make sure it is regular and that you are using a generous amount for maximum protection.

Deodorant – keep it fresh with organic alcohol, essential oils and mineral salts. Leave the parabens, fragrance and aluminum in the bottle and make sure what you are using comes from a reputable organic skincare brand such as Weleda.

Body Lotion – often used once or twice a day this is the product that covers the majority of your skin. Ditch the synthetic versions and go for an organic skincare product instead. This will cancel out the use of the synthetic ingredients over the majority of your skin in one swoop.

Get started with these 5 tips and over the next few months and replace a product at a time with an organic skin care version. Leave the wash off products to last – they are only in contact with the skin for a short time so less of a priority to begin with. Happy swapping!