Tackling Stretch Marks on the Hips

When you are looking into tackling stretch marks on the hips, whether they are from pregnancy or any other types of weight gain or loss, you need to be realistic in your approach. Stretch mark removal, in general is no easy task, in fact complete removal just isn’t feasible with most procedures or treatments currently available. One can however garner some results in minimizing the look of their stretch mark scars with a number of things.

Most plastic surgeons that boast their stretch mark removal methods are the only way tend to use procedures like laser resurfacing. Now that may be all well and good for going after topical skin scars, but stretch marks are way down in the lower layers of skin so this angle of stretch mark treatment is not going to be simple or painless. Burning of the skin can happen, severe reddening or discoloration can result, and if you are trying to address your stretch mark while pregnant, most of the medical procedures aren’t really a good idea in any way, shape, or form. Chemical peels would definitely be out, and dermabrasion wouldn’t be the best solution either. If you aren’t with child, you can attempt all of these options, but they come at a price. Multiple sessions are required if you want to get real results in reducing the look of your stretch marks, and each of those sessions can run anywhere from $200-$400.00 per sit down. And speaking of sitting down, the burning or sensitivity you get from these procedures may make it difficult to be comfortable, especially when you are dealing with the hip areas.  See http://stretch-marks-center.com for more info on hip marks.

You can go for a more gentler approach by using one of the numerous creams for stretch marks available at retailers, spas, salons, and even the plastic surgeons sell a few that they recommend. Even the best creams for stretch marks take some time to work, but if you apply generously and as directed, you may be able to see some visible results in a matter of weeks. Not only that, you can use the creams on your own time without appointments or the humiliation of someone else seeing your creepy stretch marks. No matter what approach you use, the stretch marks on your hips have the ability to fade over time, but if you can help them look less noticeable, do what’s safest and most suitable to your unique needs.