Can You Really Prevent Stretch Marks?

Preventing stretch marks is considered a break with reality in the medical community for the most part. If you read strictly medical web sites, they insist that stretch marks scars are completely hereditary and their genetic component cannot be stopped no matter what you do. The medical community’s stance on stretch mark removal is pretty staunch as well in the belief that only surgical measures can bring about the total removal of a stretch mark and only one surgery can do this, which is the abdominoplasty, so only stretch marks on the abdomen can be removed. Tummy tucks aside, the medical buzzkills do believe you can change up the discoloration of stretch marks with laser therapies, dermabrasion, or even chemical peels, but that’s as far as their views will stretch, so to speak. Visit site to learn more.

Can you really prevent stretch marks? If you fire up the ole Internet and seek out a few discussion forums that include real views and opinions from real people that have had stretch marks and dealt with them, you will find testimonials of folks that did prevent stretch marks even with all the genetic factors opposing them.

Thousands of women claimed that preventing stretch marks from happening during their pregnancy was achieved through a variety of means: reasonably healthy diet, staying properly hydrated with 8-10 glasses of water a day, boosting antioxidants and zinc, proper skin exfoliation, slow and spread out weight gain without binging, and massaging a good topical stretch mark cream or oil into their skin multiple times a day, every day. Visit for more information on stretch marks.

Many people that know they are going to have surgical implants, as seen here:,  do all of those things and more when looking to prevent stretch marks after their surgeries.

Science has come up with expanders for use with folks getting breast implants so that the skin has a few months to slowly stretch out before the implant is slipped inside. Many breast cancer survivors have this covered under their insurance and don’t even know it. A lot of consumers that get breast implants get so excited to have them, they don’t consider that their skin may not be able to handle the stretching and nothing screams “fake” and “ick” like cleavage marred by stretch marks.

Stretch mark removal on your breasts can’t be fun with any of the medical procedures offered, so prevention is your best option and should be thoroughly explained to you by your plastic surgeon before any implant is inserted. Be proactive, you have nothing to lose.